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Morrisons Trentino Pinot Grigio D.O.C.G

I’m not much of a cook. When learning how to pair food and wine, I’ve always been more interested in complimenting a wine with a meal, rather than the other way around. Despite this – or rather, because of – I found myself the proud owner of two vegan cookbooks this Christmas. And because of (or rather, despite) my unwillingness to try new dinner ideas, I was flicking through them in the usual non-committal fashion when a recipe caught my eye: beetroot risotto with candied walnuts, fresh rocket, and beetroot crisps. 


Vegan Beetroot Risotto
Light and versatile, Pinot Grigio makes a good cooking wine, and accompaniment to beetroot risotto


This bright and colourful vegan recipe from Avante Garde Vegan’s book prompted a trip to my local Morrisons, in search of a good value white wine suitable for vegans and appropriate for the recipe. The best white wines for cooking are dry and crisp, which will bring fruit and balancing acidity to your meal. Between 10 and 13% alcohol is best for cooking wines; the higher alcohol, the longer the reduction time, and the less you get out of it.

A good white wine for cooking risotto is Pinot Grigio; it’s fruity but fresh, light with medium alcohol, and easy to obtain without too much effort or cost. And so it happened that I found myself making beetroot risotto with this Trentino Pinot Grigio D.O.C.G, available from Morrisons for £6.75. Pinot Grigio is actually the UK top choice when it comes to white wine – its appeal comes from its fresh character and easy-going charm. For a reliable wine that will pair with pretty much everything, Pinot Grigio tends to be the top choice. With this recipe calling for 240ml of white wine, there was plenty left over to enjoy alongside the meal later!


Vegan-Friendly Pinot Grigio from Morrisons
Fresh, tangy and fragrant, Pinot Grigio fans will definitely enjoy this wine


“As fresh as the freshest apple from Freshville” might be a somewhat questionable choice of vernacular for the supermarket’s copywriting team, but it is apt enough. Although Pinot Grigio can often be accused of being thin and bland, this particular wine had a lot to offer, including dominating fresh granny smith apple flavours.

Taking into account the drinkability and the price-point, I’d definitely recommend this as both a good cooking wine and a light, easy-drinking choice for a weekday dinner.

Clean and bright with an aromatic nose, there was plenty of nectarine, lime juice, and lemon zest on the palate, with a decent finish too. The balance of orchard fruits and tangy citrus were very good sports against the plethora of flavours in this dish: sweet roasted nuts, rich risotto and peppery rocket all added different dimensions and textures, accentuating different things in the wine.

A good supermarket find, and a definite winner from the Vegan 100 cookbook!



… Looking for other good Pinot Grigio suitable for vegans? I personally prefer this one, from Aldi.


Cheese 7

Read my review of the Delle Venezie Single Vineyard Pinot Grigio in Aldi’s ‘Exquisite” Premium wine range, and see how it compares to its Morrisons rival.



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