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Prosecco: Mionetto ‘Vino Biologico’ Organic Prosecco D.O.C

We’re already a quarter of the way through 2019, and there’s plenty of things to celebrate. Easter is right around the corner, the weather is glorious (sometimes) and Spring is approaching. Soon enough the Summer Solstice will here, and I’m pretty I won’t be the only one looking around cluelessly, wondering how it could be JUNE already.

Sometimes, the world calls for a moment of celebration even if there’s nothing obvious to celebrate, which is what is leading me to open this bottle of Mionetto ‘Vino Biologico’ Organic Prosecco on a random Saturday evening. Well, it’s not entirely random; Mother’s Day is fast-approaching (and with the gift of bubbly never amiss, research is needed), my partner and I had an anniversary recently, and we’re both thinking a lot about what exactly we want from life – which is nice way of terming a quarterly-life crisis. But in moment of chaos, it is important to find a moment of breathing space, and to make time to celebrate the little things.

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About Mionetto Winery

Based in Valdobbiadene- the heart of Prosecco-making country- both the winery and brand name, Mionetto is known on the international circuits. It has actually been managed by Henkell International GmbH, a German-based sparkling wine producer, since 2008. They’ve held on to their 125+ year-old heritage though, and today make quite a range of different sparkling wines, not just classic Prosecco.

The ‘Prestige Collection’

Mionetto’s default range if you will, the Prestige Collection comprises of 5 wines made in the classic style; including this one. As you may have guessed, ‘Vino Biologica’ means ‘organic wine’ – so not only is this Prosecco suitable for vegans, it’s a wine made without synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

It’s a D.O.C, rather than a D.O.C.G. Whilst this could indicate a poorer quality – these codes indicate whether a wine is made according to a certain set of rules, with D.O.C.G being the stricter guideline – there’s actually quite a vague line between these Italian guidelines in comparison to other countries. So I endeavoured to taste with an open mind (mouth?).


Tasting Mionetto’s Organic Sparkling Wine

In the winery’s own words, this vegan-friendly Prosecco boasts a “persistent perlage” – meaning the bubbles are good quality, and long-lasting – something which, after tasting, I can agree with. They were smooth, unabrasive, and had the bottle lasted longer than an hour or so, probably would have retained their sparkle.

Bordering on pale-to-medium gold in colour, this Prosecco didn’t have much in the way of acidity – but the sweetness and fruit weren’t overly cloying . My memory of previously trying Mionetto suggests that they prefer their sparkling wines sweeter than some. What it lacked in depth, however, I thought it made up for in interesting fruit notes. On the nose, acacia and honeysuckle, with flavours of Golden Delicious apple, a bit of honey, and tropical fruit (pineapple) making it highly palatable.

My bottle came from Wholefoods in London, but it’s also available from Amazon for £15.99. Relatively high for a Prosecco, but it is reliable in terms of quality and is sure to please crowds. It would make a good alternative for Champagne as a Mother’s Day gift, or to take to Easter family gatherings, especially for those who like good value, easy-drinking sparkling wines.

For those wanting a bit more acidity and citrus notes alongside the fruit, I’d recommend another vegan Prosecco at the same price-point, Ca’Vittoria. 




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