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Cava: Marks and Spencers’ Rosado Brut Cava Vegan-Friendly

I’m warming to Cava at the moment – well, rosé Cava, to be specific! I did a post for Valentine’s Day looking at a vegan-friendly Cava from Tesco with a beautiful Trencadis label (read about it here) and have been keen to try another one ever since. For the Easter weekend, I figured it was time for another: this time from Marks and Spencers.

Rosado Cava MandS
M & S Vegan Cava; Brut Prestige Rosado Cava


M & S Pink Cava is Suitable For Vegans, Woohoo!

This sprightly little number is available for £12, so it won’t set you back all that much if you fancy welcoming in the approaching summer with something pink and fizzy. Made with the Trepat grape, it offers cranberries and vanilla on the nose, followed by tangy fruit flavours: grapefruit, raspberry and blood orange. Dry but with more fruit than, say, a Provence rosé. Altogether, pretty good!


Pink Cava.jpg
Vegan Cava from M&S: both the Brut and Rosado bottles are vegan-friendly


I’d been eyeing up various different pink sparkling wines with a couple of days, before deciding to give this rosé Cava a try. I needed something interesting to serve alongside a 3-course vegan dinner, comprised of foods designed to pair with different sparkling wines. Alongside a Crémant and a Brut Champagne, a Spanish pink sparkling wine seemed like a nice addition. It was a particularly nice wine for beetroot and rosemary cream cheese toasts – and later, stunning with vegan chocolate truffles.


Vegan Food and Wine: Beetroot and Sparkling Rosé
Simple Vegan Appetiser Idea: Slow Cooked Beetroot, Fresh Herbs, and Vegan Cream Cheese Toasts


Want to plan your own vegan dinner and wine pairing evening? Read my suggestions here.

Looking for vegan-friendly Cava from supermarkets?

If you’re caught in a love affair with this Spanish sparkling wine, Tesco’s Vilarnau Rosado Brut Cava is also suitable for vegans. It was a hit on Valentine’s Day, and made a rather nice accompaniment to banana pancakes, and fresh strawberries.

If you try both, let me know which one you prefer!

Vilarnau 9



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