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Marks and Spencer’s Coteaux Varois Provence Rosé is Vegan-Friendly

All I seem to be trying at the moment is rosé! Not just because summer is approaching and I haven’t really explored it previously; the pink style of wine is highly versatile when it comes to pairing with food, so I’ve been having quite and adventure of late discovering new vegan food pairings for rosé. Chocolate truffles, beetroot, hazelnuts… and, in this particular instance, pasta in a tofu-cream sauce.

Having recently compared a couple of vegan-friendly rosé from Tesco, I thought it was only fitting to try another: this Coteaux Varois Provence rosé from Marks and Spencer.  Not only is suitable for vegans, it’s also on sale at the moment, and available in 20cl tasting bottles. Smaller bottles help wine-tasters reduce waste, and allow you try a couple of different wines at a time.

Marks and Spencer's Coteaux Varois Provence Rosé is Vegan-Friendly
Coteaux Varois Vegan-Friendly Provence Rosé from Marks and Spencer


M & S Wine Review: Coteaux Varois Rosé

A delicate nose followed by a very delicate palate with very little acidity, this wine doesn’t offer vey much initially- it’s incredibly light and delicate. There’s faint echoes of cherry and strawberry, but nothing much; it was much softer than the Tesco Provence rosé tasted the week before, almost watery by comparison. Although I’ve criticised a few rosés from Provence before for being too sharp and too dry, I think wine still needs to offer acidity and fruit. Considering it costs £9-£11, I wasn’t altogether impressed.

However! It sharpened up a lot with food, and became quite enjoyable alongside linguine pasta in a tofu, lemon and dill sauce. The acidity of lemon juice and zest brought out the wine’s fruit notes, whilst the creamy sauce and fresh sweet peas helped to give the wine sharpness through contrast.

Vegan Rosé from Marks and Spencer Wine Review
Pale gold-coloured, light and delicate- a rosé that shows best with food


Vegan Food for Rosé

A delicate rosé needs some nice sharp, salty, or otherwise strong flavours to make it blossom. A flavourful salad that features fruit (like pomegranate seeds or mango) and tanginess (lemon/lime dressing, or balsamic vinegar) would bring out the wine nicely.

Whilst I am glad I only invested in a small tasting bottle, I’m definitely glad I’ve tried it (especially with food) – and for those who really enjoy delicate rosé, this is a nice one to go for!


Vegan Pasta: Tofu Cream Linguine
Linguine in a creamy tofu sauce with fresh lemon and dill, garnished with peas and parsley


Grape Blend: 40% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 20% Syrah, 5% Rolle and 5% (Mourvèdre & Carignan)


£11, or £9 for a case of 6. 


Anyone tried it? What are your thoughts?


Jess x




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