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Vegan Burgundy: Tesco Beaujolais Rouge

When looking for easy wines to pair with food, white and rosé wines pair with most foods – but let’s not forget that it’s easy to find food pairings for light red wines, too. Beaujolais wines are classic example of light red wines- made from 100% Gamay, they are fragrant with light tannins, offering typical red fruits and interesting banana notes, which arise from carbonic maceration; a winemaking technique popular – and iconic – of Beaujolais wines. Tesco offer a vegan-friendly cheap Beaujolais for £5.00, and it’s not all that bad.

Tesco Beaujolais Vegan
Light and aromatic, a very drinkable cheap red from Tesco that is suitable for vegans


Tesco Beaujolais Rouge Vegan Wine Review

Vivid cherry in colour, this light red wine from Tesco offers cherry and redcurrant flavours, balanced by medium tannins. There’s a hint of something minty – maybe eucalyptus leaves. Reminiscent of a young Pinot Noir, it’s typically light but still what I would deem medium-bodied; there’s substance to it, making it enjoyable alone and alongside food. For £5.00, it’s a nice vegan wine from the Tesco wine selection.

Slightly chilled, this went nicely with a vegan tasting board featuring several kinds of plant-based paté. I definitely recommend cranberry and pumpkin seed bread as a good match for Beaujolais! Savoury with a hint of sweetness, it complemented the red-fruited, very drinkable nature of the wine perfectly.


Finding Vegan Paté
Food pairings for Beaujolais; earthy vegetables, seeds, and nuts are good options


Pair Beaujolais Wines with Paté!

Like some Pinot Noir, Beaujolais wines are best served slightly chilled (around 6-8 °C degrees) and pair best with cold luxury meats- cooked ham, leftover roast chicken, turkey salad, and gamier birds like pheasant, duck, and partridge.

Meat-free pairings for Beaujolais are earthy-  like lentils, walnuts, and mushrooms. Many plant-based paté options are based around these three things, and provide a flavourful light spread that can be served cold – which is perfect for a light red wine. Or, try fruit pairings: pair a young fruity Beaujolais with fresh strawberries, dried fruits, or jams. Just as duck and plum sauce can be a nice pairing for light red Burgundy, putting red wines and fruits together is especially good when combined with a savoury element- like the breads and the patés!

I picked three different vegan patés for pairing with the wine; wild mushroom, mixed bean spread, and homemade vegan foie gras. All three went nicely with it, in particular the hearty bean paté.


Vegan Foie Gras Vegan Paté
Cruelty-free: 100% Foie Gras alternative you can make at home


Despite it’s rather unpleasant heritage, I wanted to try the ‘faux gras’ recipe for curiosity’s sake , and the ingredients in this particular recipe are good options for pairing with Beaujolais wines. I can’t say I’ve ever tried authentic foie gras, but this vegan alternative is very nice regardless of whether it’s a perfect imitation of the French spread. A mixture of mushrooms, toasted walnuts and green lentils with a splash of Cognac, it is earthy, fragrant with herbs and full of flavour. In the jar, it smells a lot like Quorn sausages. It’s light but big on flavour, so could compliment the more premium Cru Beaujolais and older bottles nicely. Whilst a traditional pairing for foie gras is Sauternes (dessert wine) I think the vegan alternative to foie gras is best suited to light reds, because it’s earthy and fragrant, rather than classically rich and buttery. 

Making cruelty-free foie gras is easy – the longest step is cooking the lentils beforehand. Everything gets whizzed in a blender and then chilled in a jar until you come to use it. And you can use any leftover mix for vegan burgers! I followed the vegan foie gras recipe by Bosh!.

You can by the other two vegan / vegetarian paté options from Holland and Barrett. I would recommend both- although the mushroom one verges on a little too salty for my taste.


Another vegan wine option from Tesco! What would you pair with red Burgundy?


Jess x





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