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The Great Wave Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

International Sauvignon Blanc Day may have already passed (it was in May) but that’s no reason not to enjoy some now! As I discovered last weekend, Waitrose sell a variety of vegan wines, including Old and New World Sauvignon Blanc. If you like Chilean white wine, Great Wave Sauvignon Blanc is suitable for vegans, and available for £9.39.

Waitrose Great Wave Sauvignon Blanc Review

Great Wave Sauvignon Blanc Vegan
Grassy with some tropical fruits; a good Chilean Sauvignon Blanc


As with all good Sauvignon Blancs, this wine is crisp and herbaceous, with good mineral notes. Not as chalky as a Sancerre, it offers hints of ripe lime and tropical citrus, alongside some enjoyable grassy notes. Clean and fresh, with instant acidity and a lingering finish.

A good white wine for under £10.Beautiful bottle, too; Hokusai’s print has found itself onto pretty much everything!

Not to be confused with The Great Wave Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc!

Although they share the same labelling, that wine is made by the Art of Wine company, who also offer Girl With The Pearl Earring Merlot, The Kiss Prosecco, and a few other art-inspired wines. I’m not sure if those are vegan, so it’s important to make sure! Only the vegan-friendly Chilean Sauvignon is available from Waitrose, though, not the others.


Here’s to International Sav Blanc Day 2020…







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