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Vegan Malbec Rosé from Tesco ‘Finest’ Collection

Not counting this week’s awful weather, we’ve recently enjoyed some lovely sunshine – which has meant I’ve been eager to try as many different rosé wines as possible. After a couple of French rosés from Tesco, including Tesco’s Finest Provence Rosé, another vegan-friendly wine from Tesco caught my eye – this time, from Argentina. Since buying, trying, and writing up, this appears to have dropped off the Tesco website, but hopefully this is only temporary and you’ll be able to get your hands on it soon.

Tesco Finest Malbec Rosé Review

Tesco Malbec Rose Vegan-Friendly
Tesco Vegan Wines: Finest Collection Argentinian Malbec Rose


Argentina’s largest wine-growing region, Mendoza is most famous for making big red wines from Malbec, but it’s also well-known for a variety of other wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and even Chardonnay. The Malbec grape makes silky, deep red wines, and very generous pink wines too- still dry, but bursting with fruit, just like I like my rosé wines! Torrontes, a local grape of Argentina and popular in Mendoza specifically, as been added to this premium Tesco rosé alongside the classic Malbec. I picked up some lovely fresh grassy notes in this wine, which I think this highly aromatic white grape might have been responsible for! 

Is Tesco Argentinian Malbec rosé vegan-friendly? Yep – and it says so right on the bottle! Something that I expect we will start to see a lot more of, at least where supermarket-branded wines are concerned – it’s a very easy addition for them to include, after all.

Vegan Rose from Tesco: Malbec Rose
Tesco are starting to label their Finest Collection wines with vegan symbols


Tasting Notes for Tesco Mendoza Malbec Rosé

It’s a lovely bright orange-pink colour in the glass and bottle. On the nose, red currants, tangerine, and refreshing grassy notes. There’s an initial burst of acidity with tangy cranberries and cherry – but this quickly mellows into ripe white peach and lychee, with little to no acidity on the finish. It’s a softer style of rosé to the classic French version, but I actually prefer it.


Tesco Mendoza Malbec Rosé Notes

ABV: 13%

Grapes: Malbec, Torrontes

Where to buy: Tesco


Malbec Rose Tesco Wine Review
Beautiful orangey-pink hue, this is a nice mellow alternative to super dry rosé from France


Vegan-Friendly Rosé from Tesco

If you love rosé, Tesco offer several rosé wines that are suitable for vegans – I recently wrote a post comparing two French vegan rosé from Tesco, which you can read here.

For a cross-supermarket comparison, Aldi sell vegan rosé, including an Argentinian Malbec rosé, which I personally think is VERY good -especially for £4.99!

For something sparkling, Vilarnau Brut Reserva Rosé Cava is suitable for vegans as well, and available from Tesco.

Vegan Wines From Tesco: Comparing Two Provence Rosé
Same country, same grapes, even the same winemaker: but how would these rosé wines compare?


Fingers crossed for the sun to come back, so we can start trying out vegan barbecue food and wine pairings!!







3 thoughts on “Vegan Malbec Rosé from Tesco ‘Finest’ Collection”

  1. Some of the wines Tesco produce in their finest range are just so underrated. I don’t know if it’s vegan but their Cava is my favourite. I’m off to Tesco later so I’m going to purchase a bottle of this Malbec. It sounds really refreshing so suitable for a Sunday evening treat. Thank you for the recommendation.


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