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Sainsbury’s’ Taste The Difference Viognier is Vegan-Friendly

It’s International White Wine Day today, so let’s celebrate! Available for £7.00-£8.00, this French Viognier from Sainsbury’s is a great find for those looking to welcome in August (how is already August?!) with a nice white wine.

Sainsburys Viognier Vegan-Friendly
A lovely vegan white wine by winemaker Laurent Miquel, from Sainsbury’s’ premium Taste the Difference range.


Quick Vegan Guide to Viognier Wines

A member of the Aromatic Whites family, Viognier wines offer beautiful bouquets and lots of white fruit and floral flavours; making them super accessible to the everyday wine-drinker. It’s easy to enjoy them without food, but they pair well with a lot of foods that vegans will find in their diet; curries, Asian cuisine, (basically anything involving saffron, ginger, or coconut) and richer vegetables such as parsnip, sweet potato, and butternut squash. They even stand up well to the slow-roasted flavours and fruitiness of a tagine, though I’d suggest not putting too much acidic tomato, or earthy lentils at the forefront of the dish.


No-Meat Pairing Ideas For Viognier Wines

  • Coronation Chickpeas with Sweet Potato Flatbread
  • Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli with Fried Sage and Hazelnuts
  • Thai Green Curry

For another vegan-friendly Viognier option, read my review of Adobe Riserva Viognier. 


Pasta and Wine Pairings (No Meat)
Vegan dishes for richer white wines: pumpkin ravioli with sage, basil and hazelnuts


Sainsbury’s’ Taste the Difference Viognier Review

This richer style of white wine is as vibrantly perfumed as you’d hope on the nose; tasting it offers lovely strong fruit flavours, but these are balanced with good acidity and an undercurrent of citrus. Alongside the usual white peach, apricot and honeysuckle flavours you would expect from a good-quality Viognier, I detected some lovely hints of vanilla, gala melon, and a touch of slightly underripe nectarine. Despite the fruit this wine offers, it is still only rated a 2 on Sainsbury’s’ dryness guide because of the balance given from the acidity and zippy lemon. Overall, a fragrant and well-balanced wine with lots to say for itself, and a very well-priced wine for vegans. Sainsbury’s have done very well to offer this at a rather low price-point!

Sainsburys Vegan Wine_ Taste The Difference Viognier
Like many other retailers, Sainsbury’s’ are starting to label any own-brand wines that are suitable for vegans


What are you enjoying on International White Wine Day? …


Jess x




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