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Vegan Wines From South Africa: The Fair Mile Chenin Blanc 2018

If you’re looking for a white wine with high acidity, but balanced by floral features and luscious pear and apple flavours, Chenin Blanc is often a good choice. Famously from the Loire Valley in France, this versatile grape lends itself to rich white wines, dessert wines, and sometimes even sparkling wines, where the honeyed texture and pear notes really bring something unique to the fizz table. The Loire doesn’t have a monopoly on it, though – South Africa is also well-known for producing Chenin Blanc single-varietals and blends; one such example being this Chenin Blanc from the Western Cape. The Fair Mile is suitable for vegans, labelled vegan-friendly on the bottle, and certified FairTrade.


The Fair Mile Chenin Blanc Review

The Fair Mile Vegan Chenin Blanc
Vegan and FairTrade, The Fair Mile Chenin Blanc from South Africa can be found in Tesco


Whilst Loire Chenin Blanc (such as Vouvray) tend to display lots of crisp acidity and apple flavours, Chenin Blanc made in South Africa in the popular style (cool-fermentation) have more tropical fruit and sometimes those Pear Drop sweets I remember loving as a child. This vegan-friendly Chenin Blanc offers a fragrant nose of tropical fruits, grape, mango and pear. There’s plenty more zingy tropical flavours on the palate; pineapple, more mango, kiwi, and the Pear Drop-esque flavour was definitely there too. After the fruit, a little oak in the background and a tangy lime juice finish. 

It’s quite full-bodied for a white a wine, with a good mouthfeel and medium-high acidity. If I’m honest, I wanted a bit more; it came across a little flabby and short-lived when combined with food. I expected this to be a good wine to pair with banana curry, roasted chickpeas and cashew nuts- a sweet, rich and mildly spiced dish, the kind of food Chenin Blancs match with- but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping for. Overall, however, it was still pleasant, and a nice vegan wine to serve with dinner.


If you’d like to try it, you can pick this up from Tesco for £8.00 – it is also available online.


Jess x



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