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Val do Xuliana Albariño Vegan-Friendly

Albariño: found in some of the lesser-known areas of Northern Spain, this distinctive white grape is starting to make itself known in the worldly wine circles. The thick-skinned small berries are sweet with high acidity; producing rich but zingy wines with a curious salty element, which makes them refreshingly versatile when it comes to pairing with food.

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly Albariño, Val do Xuliana Albarino is good place to start.


Val do Xuliana Albarino Vegan
Buy Val do Xuliana Albarino from Slurp in Leamington, online or other independent wine merchants.


I encountered this wine on a menu at Queans, a lovely restaurant in Leamington Spa that not only produces gorgeous locally-sourced food, but clearly labels their wines as vegan-friendly.


Val do Xuliana Albariño Wine Review

A clean, fresh nose, with very delicate flavours – I wondered at the time whether it was a touch too cold, and it did indeed offer more after a little time on the table. I’d made the choice not only because Val do Xuliana is suitable for vegans, but because I thought it might be a nice alternative for my Sauvignon Blanc-loving dinner companion to try. A serial Sancerre fan, she loved it; and it’s easy to see why. Whilst it was medium-high acidity, rather than the lip-smacking tang of a true French Sauvignon, Albariño wines are crisp with salty elements that can appeal to the same palate; Val do Xuliana, for example, had some interesting olive notes, alongside gooseberry, lime juice, and lemon sherbet. What I liked most was that these sharp flavours were balanced by a Viognier-esque fruitiness; elderflower, acacia flowers, and almond helped to soften the initial hit very nicely.


Winemaker Confirms Val do Xuliana Albariño Is Suitable For Vegans

Whilst Queans are very good at labelling their vegan-friendly wines, in this instance they weren’t sure – but a Google search had helped me decide at the time. Here’s the confirmation from the supplier that this wine is suitable for vegans and contains no derivatives:


Val do Xuliana Vegan-Friendly


Have you encountered any nice vegan wines at restaurants? Let me know in the comments!





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