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Sainsburys’ Coolwater Bay Vegan Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

I really like the vegan wine available from Sainsbury’s. Their Taste the Difference range is really good, very competitively priced, and lot of the wines are suitable for vegans to enjoy. Sauvignon Blanc isn’t my usual choice but if drinking it, I typically prefer Marlborough or other New World Sauvignon Blanc over the France counterparts; they still have the beautiful dryness, but it’s complemented with delicious exotic fruits flavours, such as mango, papaya, and lime. So, after the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc I reviewed recently, I decided it was time the world-famous Marlborough Sauvignon joined the blog.

Sainsburys’ Taste the Difference Marlborough Sauvignon is Suitable for Vegans

Coolwater Bay Sauvignon Blanc Vegan
Vegan-friendly wines from New Zealand: Coolwater Bay Sauvignon from Sainsburys


This wine from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range is produced by Yealands Estate, a carbon-neutral winery located in the Awatere Valley in New Zealand. It’s a shame that more carbon neutral wineries aren’t shouting about their philosophies, because the wine trade really does have the potential to make a real impact to carbon footprint (glass manufacture alone equates to well over half of the emissions of the industry!!) but still, it’s good to see notes like these appearing on bottles alongside the very welcome vegan symbol.

Crisp and elegant, it isn’t just vegans who will enjoy this Marlborough Sauvignon. The nose displays delicate apricot and peach, alongside something with zing; white pepper, or something more vegetal, like fresh herbs. Tasting it offers a nicely well-balanced character of your typical stone fruits, peach and apricot, followed by crisp apple (but not too crisp, more Braeburn than Granny Smith) lemon juice, lime. The classic minerality is there of course, but softened with undertones of ripening mango. It’s nice, the finish is decent, it isn’t astringent, but did become too warm very quickly – be careful if the wine is out of the fridge, even in a wine cooler.


Sainsburys Marlborough Sauvignon Vegan-Friendly
Vegan-labelled wine from Sainsbury’s: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc


Cheap good-quality Marlborough Sauvignon

Whilst some may not consider £6.75 to be super cheap, this is not an expensive Sauvignon Blanc. Overall, I think it’s a good value vegan white wine from Sainsburys. The possibilities for vegan food and Sauvignon Blanc are pretty limitless, too, despite every bottle displaying the usual “pair Sauvignon Blanc with seafood” motto. You can pair Sauvignon Blanc with crisp salads, pesto pasta, citrus-heavy dishes, and creamy ones too: the acidity cuts through the richness rather nicely.

A good wine pairing for vegan scallops, too actually; especially my recipe featuring faux scallops cooked in butter, with pea and mint puree. If you haven’t tried vegan scallops yet, you really need to!





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