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Co-op Irresistible Prosecco Labelled Vegan-Friendly

Another find from The Co-operative! Wine drinkers looking for something fun, fizzy, and fabulous can add another bottle to their vegan sparkling wine repertoire: the Co-op’s premium range Prosecco is suitable for vegans.

Co-operative Irresistible Prosecco Vegan Wine Review

Vegan Prosecco from The Coop
Simple but effective: for just £8 Co-op’s premium Prosecco is a good find for vegan sparkling wine lovers


Prosecco is not the most complex sparkling wine, but I think that just makes it more noticeable when a bottle isn’t very good: although I was quite positive at the time, the Pisani Vegan Prosecco which I reviewed last year was 50% higher in price, and half as good as this supermarket sparkling wine . The Coop Prosecco doesn’t disappoint; it offers everything you’d expect from this Italian sparkling wine, for the very reasonable price of £8.00.


Good Value Vegan Prosecco from The Co-op

Vegan-Friendly Prosecco from Coop
Clearly labelled vegan sparkling wine from The Cooperative


Simple but effective, this vegan Prosecco offers delicate tones and flavours of stone fruits, with fresh acidity and an acceptable finish; enjoyable to drink, and a good option for a night when you just fancy popping a cork.

You can find good value vegan Prosecco in most supermarkets now; Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco, for example, is another good option. For a premium vegan-friendly Prosecco, I’d recommend Ca’Vittoria Prosecco – it’s delicious!


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