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Marks and Spencer Prosecco Review

Recently, I’ve had tremendous fun sampling my way through as many vegan-friendly Prosecco as I can find. Prosecco wines are not as complex as Champagne and there aren’t Prosecco ‘Houses’ that each offer a different expression of the world-renowned Italian sparkling wine; so if anything, it makes it more noticeable when they aren’t very good quality. Perhaps I should write up a list of good vegan-friendly Prosecco and where to find it…

Either way, a good example of good vegan fizz is Marks and Spencers’ own-label Prosecco; it is nothing fancy, readily available, and perfectly delicious for everyday enjoyment. I’m a firm believer in finding something to celebrate everyday (a value my boyfriend’s mother shares) – so this was just the kind of vegan-friendly fizz I wanted to greet me after a long drive down to Kent!

Marks and Spencer Prosecco Vegan
Prosecco from Marks and Spencer: refreshing and very drinkable


Clean and bright the signature M&S Prosecco offers a delicately perfumed nose, followed by classic notes of honeysuckle and white peach, zipped up with some freshly squeeze lemon juice. The bubbles didn’t drop out after a few seconds either.  Everything a good vegan Prosecco should be!

This sparkling wine from M & S is £10, dropping to £8.00 when you buy a case, which is in-line with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco but higher than The Co-operative Irresistible Prosecco, Morrison’s The Best, and Aldi’s Exquisite Collection. I’ve yet to try the last two supermarkets, though.

As seems to be a growing trend, Marks and Spencer have labelled their wine as vegan; which is great, considering the M&S website isn’t that great at displaying whether wines are vegan-friendly or not. I’ve struggled a lot in the past trying to determine whether wines from Marks and Spencer are suitable for vegans, so it’s a great help seeing the symbol appearing on their own-label tipples. Cheers to that!


Jess x




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