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La Terrasse Chablis Review (Vegan Burgundy)

When it comes to easy vegan recipes, risotto is always a reliable choice. It’s quick, and very customisable. Last year I wrote a post about pairing Pinot Grigio with Beetroot Risotto, Rocket and Candied Walnuts [link] which still remains one of my top wine and vegan food pairings. For this risotto, however, I wanted to stick with a classic risotto wine pairing – Chardonnay. With green apple and mineral notes, the crisp white wine contrasts beautifully with this creamy dish, and the addition of fresh basil, petit pois, and wild mushrooms made this meat-free dinner idea an immediate hit.

My Chardonnay of choice was a vegan-friendly Chablis from Sainsburys: La Terrasse.

La Terrasse Chablis Vegan Friendly
La Terrasse Chablis from Sainsburys, £12.50


La Terrasse Chablis Tasting Review

I for one am very glad that La Terrasse Chablis is suitable for vegans! For £12.50 from Sainsbury’s it is little on the pricier side, but I think it’s worth it. It’s vibrant with great acidity, and plenty of the  green apple and citrus flavours quintessential to the Chablis region. The finish is lovely; long and lingering, and a fine example of white Burgundy.


Risotto and Chablis Pairing (VEGAN)
Delicious vegan risotto recipe, perfect for pairing with unoaked Chardonnay


Vegan Food Pairings for Chablis

Aside from pairing Burgundy with risotto, there’s a wealth of plant-based meals to pair with unoaked, medium-bodied white wines like Chablis. The beauty of Chablis is that you can opt for fresher food pairings and richer dishes alike. It’s zestiness compliments salads but cuts through fried foods and creamy sauces. My top decadent vegan food pairings for Chablis wines would vegan ‘fish’ and chips, tofu carbonara, or pasta with avocado cream sauce. Risotto, of course, is a must-try.

For a lighter food pairing, try vegan chicken, mango and avocado salad!


Vegan Chicken Mango Avocado Salad
Lighter dishes to pair with wine: vegan chicken, avocado and mango all interact with white wines differently

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