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Co-op Irresistible Sparkling Rosé is Vegan-Friendly

Since Valentine’s Day has just happened, it’s only right to review a vegan suitable pink wine!

Officially, Prosecco must be a white wine, so this pink sparkling wine from Co-op is labelled vino spumante rosato brut instead, despite being made by a Prosecco producer. Whilst it’s made in a similar style there are many things that differentiate it from Prosecco (namely, the grapes used), but when looking for a vegan-friendly pink sparkling wine that isn’t Rosado Cava or pink Champagne, it’s a nice option for under £10.

Co-op Rose Spumante Vegan
Perfect for Valentine’s Day: Co-op’s Irresistible Pink Sparkling Wine


Vegan Suitable Pink Sparkling Wine from The Co-op

It’s crisp, with lively bubbles that don’t dissipate in seconds. There’s a nice balance between sweet and refreshing; juicy strawberry is offset with tangy cranberry flavours, and there’s a nice citrus edge in the background of lemon and lime. Altogether, a good vegan wine for under £10 from the Co-operative. We certainly enjoyed it for our celebratory brunch!


Co-op Sparkling Rose Wine VEGAN
Another clearly labelled vegan wine from The Co-operative: own brand sparkling rosé.


Co-op Sparkling Rosé Facts

Grapes: Garganega & Roboso

ABV: 11%

Price: £8.00

Labelled Vegan Wine: Yes


Food Pairing Ideas for Sparkling Rosé

Ferrero Rocher Truffles
Deliciously dairy-free and full of hazelnuts, these homemade Ferrero Roche paired well with rosé


Rosé wines pair well with raspberry and chocolate flavours, and hazelnut. With a nice contrast offered between the bubbles and sweet creaminess, it’s no surprise sparkling pink wines pair really well with gooey, creamy vegan desserts like chocolate torte or silken tofu pudding, or vegan creamy pasta dishes like tofu linguine . A tried-and-tested vegan food pairing for sparkling rosé is this recipe for vegan ferrero rocher truffles and it’s divine. 

Other successful rosé food pairings are melon, hummus, the ever-reliable salads, quiches and tarts. Although I’ve only tried it with still rosé wine, I think Sheese Wensleydale with Cranberries would make a lovely pairing for sparkling rosé, too.


Vegan Cheese with Cranberries
Vegan cheese and rosé pairing idea: Sheese Wensleydale with Cranberries


Vegan Wines for Valentine’s Day

Vegan Sparkling Wine For Special Occasions
Whatever the occasion, I love celebrating with a bottle of vegan-friendly sparkling wine


If you don’t fancy pink sparkling wines, the Co-op Irresistable Prosecco is also suitable for vegans.

Those who follow the blog closely might notice that I’ve recycled my Vilarnau Cava bottle from last year’s Valentine’s Day brunch into a flower holder! I’d loved this wine last year and the bottle is stunning (you can read more on the story behind it here). Another vegan-friendly pink wine for Valentine’s Day that I would recommend would be a Rosado Brut Cava from Marks and Spencer. For those who love Champagne, I cannot recommend Charles Heidsieck enough, it’s just stunning.


Vegan Prosecco from The Coop
Simple but effective: for just £8 Co-op’s premium Prosecco is a good find for vegan sparkling wine lovers


However you spent Valentine’s Day this year, I hope you had a chance to try some incredible vegan wines!






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