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Aldi Exquisite Argentinian Malbec Review

Although Malbec wines are produced around the world, most of us will immediately think of Argentina. Originally a Bordeaux grape, Malbec grapes are now the most important grape in Argentina, accounting for about half the country’s exports. After much success with other vegan-friendly wines from Aldi, I thought it was high-time to try out Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Malbec, which retails at just £5.99.


Vegan Malbec From Aldi – Tasting Notes

Aldi Malbec Vegan-Friendly
Vegan Malbec from Aldi: Uco Valley Argentinian Malbec


With a beautiful inky purple colour and an intense nose of stewed red fruit, plums and prune, this wine from Aldi promises rich flavours and good body. Tasting it, you can enjoy a rich fruit-laden character of more red fruit and blackberry, with the addition of warm spice (cinnamon), plump tannins and subtle violet.

Although enjoyable, the mouthfeel felt a little underdeveloped, and the finish was certainly shorter than expected- however, Malbecs traditionally don’t have a particulary long finish. Intense but short-lived, this makes for a good vegan Malbec that doesn’t cost very much at all. I’ve given it 6 out 10 because for £5.99, it’s a reliable, easy-drinking vegan wine for everyday occasions.


Labelled Vegan Wine from Aldi – Argentina Malbec

Aldi Exquisite Malbec Vegan-Friendly
Vegan- friendly Malbec – Labelled Vegan Wine from Aldi


Aldi Exquisite Malbec Facts

Region: Uco Valley, Argentina

Grape: 100% Malbec

Price: £5.99 

Labelled Vegan Wine: Yes 

Uncorked Vegan Rating: 6/10 


Food Pairings for Malbec Wines

Given the traditional wine and food match of Malbec and steak, vegans may be tempted to avoid this full to medium-boded red wine, fearful that it is a wine that only pairs with red meat and cheese. However, this is categorically not the case; due to their medium-body and moderate tannins, Malbec wines pair very well with roasted vegetables, vegetables that offer a strong umami taste (such as mushrooms), nuts, garlic, and savoury herbs. Without further ado…


Malbec Food Pairing: Stuffed Peppers 

Wild Rice and Woodland Mushroom Stuffed Peppers
Roasted Peppers Stuffed with Wild Rice, Woodland Mushrooms and Sweet Shallots


This healthy vegan dinner idea is ridiculously simple – and ticks all the boxes for a good vegan food pairing for Malbec. Slow-roasted red peppers stuffed with wild rice, woodland mushrooms and shallots, served with rosemary-baked sweet potato is the BEST food pairing idea for Malbec wines that exhibit strong red-fruit characters.


Did you know that World Malbec Day is on April 17th this year? What are you celebrating with?




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