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M&S White Burgundy Vegan Chardonnay

I’ve really gotten into Burgundy wines recently. They’re enjoyable, super-versatile wines that pair with a variety of different foods, without being dependant on red meats or dishes with a high animal fat content – which makes them the perfect wines to pair with vegan food. Refreshing and crisp, but possessing more body than a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, they make the ideal wine and food pairing for pasta, heartier salads, and mild creamy sauces. For a good introductory example of this medium-bodied, fruit-driven French wine, vegan wine lovers will be delighted to learn that Marks and Spencer’s Bourgogne White Burgundy is suitable for vegans.


Marks and Spencer’s White Burgundy Review

Bourgogne Marks and Spencer
Affordable vegan Chardonnay from Marks and Spencer, £9.00


M&S Chardonnay Wine Facts

Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Price: around £9.00

Labelled Vegan Wine: Yes

UncorkedVegan Rating: 6/10


Labelled Vegan Wine from Marks and Spencer

Bourgogne Blanc Marks and Spencer VEGAN
Labelled vegan wine from M&S: White Burgundy


Delicate on the nose, the M&S white wine offers notes of peach, apricot and florals. It’s fresh; offering a short-medium finish and pronounced flavours of white peach, undercut with tangy lemon. Overall, it’s good, if a little lacking in depth – I think without the short period of oak-aging that part of the wine receives, it might be a little watery.

That said, it responds beautifully to food. Creamy vegan pasta and Chardonnay is a fabulous vegan-friendly food pairing and I highly recommend it. I use nutritional yeast to thicken sauce and make it creamier and a little cheesy, which needs a wine with some body to it. Likewise I like to add black pepper, wholegrain mustard to bring out substance, and fresh lemon to compliment the wine’s acidity.

Here’s two tried-and-tested good food pairings for medium white wines to get you started!


Food Pairing Ideas for Chardonnay

Vegan Scallop Pasta with Creamy Cashew Sauce 

Scallop Cashew Pasta
Vegan Carbonara: Cashew Alfredo Sauce with King Oyster “Scallops”


Alfredo sauce – as they call it in the USA – is closest in similarity to UK carbonara sauce. Making a creamy dairy-free alternative to Alfredo or carbonara is actually surprisingly easy; requiring just cashews, nutritional yeast, and a few other simple ingredients. I based my vegan pasta dish on the Minimalist Baker’s recipeCreamy vegan pasta sauce with King Oyster mushroom scallops is a delicious food pairing for white wines such as Bourgogne Blanc because it meets all the go-to criteria of classic Burgundy food pairings: rich sauces, meaty fish, and middle-weight pastas. Because it contains no heavy cream or dairy butter, this lighter alternative to cream-based sauce manages to offer the same comforting flavours of a traditional Alfredo sauce, but arguably presents a way better food and wine pairing.


Chardonnay and Risotto Pairing

Classic Vegan Risotto

Risotto and Chablis Pairing (VEGAN)
Delicious vegan risotto recipe, perfect for pairing with unoaked Chardonnay


Recently, I experimented with a risotto and Chablis pairing (read the review) which was another success in food-matching Burgundian wines. A classic-style risotto with mushrooms, peas and fresh basil complemented the lighter, zippier nature of Chablis Burgundy – and it’s a really easy midweek vegan dinner idea, too.


If you try these delicious wine and food pairing ideas for white Burgundy, let me know in the comments!







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