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Vinalba Patagonia Malbec is Suitable for Vegans

In the cooler climate of Patagonia in the south of Argentina, Malbec wines tend to be fresh and elegant; expressing rich fruit flavours, spice, and chocolate. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try one! As it happens, Morrison’s sell Malbec from Patagonia, and it’s a very affordable vegan-suitable wine option. Personally, I think £10 for this Malbec is well worth it.  This single-varietal is produced by Bordeaux-born Hervé J. Fabre, using minimal intervention and complimentary oak-aging. 


Vinalba Malbec is Vegan-Friendly

Vinalba Malbec Vegan Red Wine
Ripe and powerful vegan-friendly red wine from Morrisons.


Vinalba Patagonia Malbec Facts

Grape: 100% Malbec

Price: £10.00

Labelled Vegan Wine: Yes.

Uncorked Vegan Rating: 9/10


Vinalba Malbec Tasting Notes

Colour: Beautiful inky purple colour, tinged with magenta (a classic indicator of Malbec).

Nose: prominent black cherry, blueberry, cacao, and vanilla spice.

Taste: dark chocolate, black cherry and damson with a short but lovely finish. A gorgeous mouthfeel with elegant gentle tannins. Some acidity to balance the fruit – overall a very nice, well-rounded wine – and a very nice example of a good vegan Malbec from Argentina. I’ve given this 9/10 because it is both a nice vegan wine that doesn’t cost much, and a solid option for a mid-week wine for dinner. Careful though- it’s 14.5%!


Labelled Vegan Red Wine from Morrisons

Morrisons Vegan Wine_ Vinalba Malbec Vegan
Labelled vegan-friendly wine from Morrisons: Vinalba Malbec, £10.00


Vegan Wines from Vinalba Winery

In total, there are at least four vegan-friendly Vinalba Malbec wines available for £10 or less: I bought the Patagonia Malbec from Morrisons and you can also buy the standard Vinalba Malbec from Morrisons, and Vinalba Malbec Rose is vegan-friendly too. On top of this, Tesco sell Vinalba Malbec Touriga Nacional blend.

However, these are only the Vinalba wines available from supermarkets – the winery itself offers quite a few other interesting single-varietal and blends applauding the Malbec grape. Looking on the website, other UK stockists listed are Waitrose, The Co-operative, and Majestic Wines.

The website it actually one of the best vegan-friendly winery websites I’ve come across: each wine is clearly marked vegetarian and vegan. For those who enjoyed their great value Malbec, the Reserve and Gran Reserve are the next step up. I can’t wait to try them!






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