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Les Pionniers Champagne Vegan Champagne from The Co-op

A new Co-op opening within a five minute walk has me curious to explore The Co-Op vegan wine range, and between a birthday and a big life event, the Champagne section was calling my name. Not only a vegan-friendly fizz, Les Pionniers Brut Champagne was on offer at the time: it usually retails for £18.99, which is decent in itself.

Les Pionniers Champagne Labelled Vegan

Les Pionniers Brut Champagne Coop
Made by Piper Heidsieck for The Co-operative, you can pick up a bottle of this for around £18.00


Not only is this vegan-friendly, this sparkling wine is made exclusively for The Co-op by Piper Heidsieck; last year it was rated better than Moet in blind taste-tests, and was named the best affordable Champagne  by Which? last year. However, I must admit I was expecting a little more from this bottle: the Co-op fizz had decent bubbles and the flavours were okay, but there wasn’t much of a finish, if I’m honest.

Overall, whilst I wouldn’t call it a truly great Champagne, it was a good Champagne for less than £20 nonetheless. And, of course, everything comes down to personal preference. I’d be interested to try another bottle at some point, to see if my tastes have changed.

Have you discovered any really good vegan Champagnes? I think another really good vegan Champagne for the same price is Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Champagne, which I reviewed for the blog a few months ago.  Try both, and let me know what you think!






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