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Vegan Sparkling Wines for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than three weeks away (22nd March, if you need a reminder!) and many of us are looking to give our lovely mums, grandmas, and other special ladies a bottle of something sparkling. Those following a plant-based diet may prefer to find vegan-friendly gifts for friends and family where they can, even if the receiver isn’t plant-based themselves – however, it isn’t always easy to find a gift that is suitable for vegans AND a good match for somebody who isn’t vegan.

It’s one of the many reasons why wine makes the best gift – because most wine-drinkers can’t tell the difference between a vegan wine, and a non-vegan wine! And it’s usually not a vegan-specific product, it just happens to be that a good wine can be vegan-friendly.

Vegan Sparkling Wine and Where To Find It

With veganism and plant-based living becoming increasingly popular, there’s now an abundance of vegan-labelled wine in UK supermarkets, with styles and price-points to suit every level of wine lover. For the best vegan sparkling wines to give as a gift, here is The Uncorked Vegan’s round-up of affordable vegan-friendly Prosecco, Champagne and other sparkling wine, ranked on price, quality and availability.

Vegan Wines for Mothers Day

Vegan Champagne List

Classics are classic for a reason…

GOOD: Les Pionniers Vegan Champagne 

The Co-Op, £18.99

Named the best affordable Champagne by Which? last year, this Champagne is a bit no-frills, no-fuss, but it’s a good Champagne for under £20.

BETTER: Charles Heidsieck Non-Vintage 


A beautiful bottle, amazing history and a profile very similar to Bollinger Champagne which is not vegetarian. Available from Lathwaites, Selfridges, Amazon, this missed the top spot because it’s not a Champagne you can find in supermarkets. But I’d really recommend trying this, it’s lovely.

BEST: Nicolas Feuillatte Non-Vintage

Tesco, £20.00 

Although the Charles Heidsieck is amazing, it’s also twice the price and harder to find. Nicolas Feuillate is made in a similiar style – and it’s hard to believe Tesco sell such a nice vegan Champagne for £20.00! As a result, Nicolas Feuillatte wins the title of Best Champagne as a Mother’s Day gift.

Vegan Champagne and Food Pairings


Vegan Prosecco and Where To Find It

Well, it IS the National favourite … 

GOOD: Mionetto ‘Vino Biologico’ Organic Prosecco D.O.C

WholeFoods, £15.99 

Whilst this vegan-friendly sparkling wine doesn’t quite have the crisp edge I normally love in my Prosecco, it’s organically made and has a beautiful bottle; making it a bit more unique and gift-worthy than vegan prosecco from a supermarket. 

BETTER: Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Prosecco

Sainsburys, £10.00

Well-balanced, with clean edges. An a good affordable Prosecco which carries the reliable Taste the Difference label. Price-matched with the M&S prosecco, which I remember tasting just a fraction better.

BEST: M&S Prosecco

Marks and Spencer, £10.00 

Clean, bright, delicate perfumes and flavours. Everything a good Prosecco should be, for just £10.00.

Marks and Spencer Prosecco Vegan


The Best Sparkling Wines for Mother’s Day Gifts

Something different…

A bottle of Champagne is a wonderful present to receive – but for something a little different, there are plenty of  Champagne alternatives suitable for vegans, and vegan gifts.

GOOD: Irresistible Sparkling Rosé 

The Co-Op, £8.00

Made by a Prosecco producer, this Italian pink sparkling wine retails at £8.00 and ofers very similar enjoyment, but in rosé form. A good affordable fizz to accompanying Mum’s other treats.

BETTER: Exquisite Collection Crémant du Jura

Aldi, £8.29 

Don’t let the price-tag fool you – I’d LOVE to receive this as gift! A lovely Champagne-style sparkling wine from the French region Jura, with a striking bottle shape and design.

BEST: Vilarnau Cava

Tesco, £15.00

Both the Brut and Rose styles of Tesco’s Vilarnau Cava are suitable for vegans, and both feature one of the most beautiful wine bottle decorations I’ve encountered. I’ve only tried the pink Cava so can’t speak for the Brut but, based on quality, price and overall giftability, this Tesco vegan Cava wins my recommendation as the best sparkling wine for a Mother’s Day gift.


Vilarnau 3


Choosing Wine for a Mother’s Day Gift

Hopefully something in my list of good vegan sparkling wines takes your fancy, but if it doesn’t, no need to worry. This wine list is by no means exhaustive, and there are plenty of other vegan-friendly wines for gifts available from supermarkets! And don’t forget, for something more unique, specialist wine shops and merchants will offer a range of vegan wines, as well as be able to recommend something your mum is sure to love.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and mums-to-be!







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